Aspects that Determine Cell Tower Leasing Rates

Communication through telephones and mobile cells is critical in every life aspect across the world today. For this reason, communication service companies look for cellular telephone sites or land where they can place electronic communication equipment and antennae to boost cellular network. However, some individuals or companies wish to reap big from the cell towers on their land through lease or buyouts. In this case, the cell tower owners exchange their rent receiving right with a lump sum payment. However, the below factors can highly determine your cell tower lease rates:


Territorial physical properties can determine how high or low the lease rates will be. Before wireless providers decide to build a tower in a particular area, they first consider if the properties around have the physical features such as the ground elevation they desire. If you are the only person with an elevated land in that area, the cell tower lease buyout rate will definitely increase. Any elevated land will reduce the cell tower construction and operation cost by a big margin while the lease rate increases.

Average Regional Lease Rates

Although your land may have a few features the wireless carrier is looking for, the average land price in the region may determine otherwise. Most wireless carriers will first analyze the land buying price in that area before they come on the leasing negotiation table. As the landowner, you will need to consider other future-based factors before you ask, “Should I sell my cell tower lease?” to avoid any regrettable miscalculations.

Property-Cell Tower Distance

If the power towers are closely located, the wireless company may benefit a lot because the lease rates may not be high. However, if the only available cell tower in the region is close to your property, different tower companies will show interest for it. This will in return attract the bidding aspect where the property owner will sign a contract with the highest bidder. In this regard, the tower lease rate will increase and the property owner will reap big from it.

Infrastructure and Accessibility

Building a new facility in any property may be a daunting task to most tower companies especially if they cannot access infrastructure. Availability of water, electric power and good road network makes it possible for the interested tower company to transport their extensive building materials into the site. Cell phone service is, yet another infrastructure factor that determine whether the tower company will increase cell tower rent rates or not.

Lease Consultant

Some property owners are not able to negotiate for equitable portions with the big and popular tower companies that approach them. If you are not conversant with lease rates and laws in your country, it is advisable to always involve a lease consultant in the leasing process. The consultants have good negotiation skills and they ensure that the leasing laws are not violated in any way.

These aspects are just samples of the factors that determine low and high lease rates. Before you sign any contract with the interested cell tower company, it is recommended to contact or consult a competent leasing and site acquisition specialist. The specialists will make you understand what certain leasing terminologies mean and other agreement terms for you to obtain a favorable leasing rate.

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