How Overhead Cranes facilitate effortless Moving of Heavy Loads

Overhead cranes are widely used all over the world for industrial purposes where massive, bulky loads are required to be carried horizontally from one place to another.

Such crane is the most popular choice because it allows hooked motion along three axes-side wise, back and forth and up and down. It assists in the transport and movement of heavy items in various industries like automotive, chemicals, printing, manufacturing, papers, steel, etc. These cranes come in a variety of designs and styles to suit the need of each industry.

·       Single girder crane: it uses a single bridge beam which is attached to the end trucks and two runways. The girder facilitates the lifting or hoist mechanism that runs through the bottom flange. This type of crane is also called under running or under hung crane.

·       Double girder crane: this crane makes use of two beams set on the top of runaway end trucks. They typically utilise a top running trolley hoist, moving along the two bridge beams on its own wheels for more headroom below the crane. It is also called top running crane.

·       Box girder crane: This type of crane utilises a four sided box that enhances the load capacity of crane and accommodates wider distances. They are typically used in pairs with the hoisting mechanism operated on rails, which is attached to the top of the box girder. Check out Millsom Materials Handling.

·       Truss girder crane: to allow greater loading, this crane is designed with structurally reinforced bridge girders.

·       Straddle crane: this crane is generally used in shipping yards to move enormous containers at sea ports.

·       Tower crane: it is used for loading and discharging of shipping containers as it can handle heavy loads.

·       Stacker cranes: this crane utilises a load handling device rather than a crane, and it is equipped with a single or double fork or a gripping lifter.


Overhead cranes have a number of benefits, and the most significant benefit of the cranes is that they come with venturi vacuum features, which make the process of lifting heavy goods as easy as possible. The pressure level within the object is reduced, which makes it easier to lift and carry and allows an extra control over the object. Sometimes the crane is connected with the venturi vacuum pumps, which make lifting something all the simpler.  The pumps also suck away dust and debris from the site efficiently, which leaves the place free from all types of residue, and it works continuously without much maintenance.

On the other hand, a vacuum generator can be utilised besides vacuum suction cups and sensor switches to generate and distribute vacuum for various purposes.

These cranes are extremely adaptable as they can function on any floor surface, and they can be modified with changing needs and provide flexibility to an operation.

These cranes can be customised with hook attachments, or some special equipment that can handle a particular task.

These cranes are specifically designed for comfort to minimize human effort as they perform the heavy lifting themselves, reducing fatigue and risk of injury.

Overhead cranes take the commodity up and reach the destination overcoming obstacles.

These cranes are also equipped with radio remote controls and travelling pushbutton pendants that allow for a better view while keeping away the person from any danger of the load.

The cranes can cover a large area and replace multiple fork lifts, thereby reducing labor expenses.

These cranes can allow smooth and direct transportation over any obstacle, and with soft start features and multiple speed options, it is possible for the crane to handle the product gently and minimise damage.

They can go to a greater height than forklifts, which allows higher vertical storage and thereby reduces space usage.

A reputed manufacturer of the overhead cranes also gives their clients a lot of other services. So the production house which makes the cranes, not only designs, manufactures and installs but also provides maintenance services and repair facilities.

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