Why Buy A Moi Moi Moissanite Over A Diamond

The search for a gem stone which can replicate a diamond and can shine like a diamond, while you pay less than half the price, has always been there, and now you have an answer to the quest. This is none other than a moissanite. The stone is one of the best sellers today across the world owing to its, colour, clarity, brilliance, hardness and temperature resistance. Here are some of the reasons you can always consider a Moi Moi moissanite over a diamond.

Moi Moi moissanite

Tint and shine

When you compare a moissanite with a diamond, then you will find it only slightly tinted, which will be barely noticeable. A diamond is judged based on colour, cut and clarity. But a moissanite is not judged by colour solely. The reason is that the stone has a slight yellowish tint, which makes it different, and yet it has the brilliance of a diamond so that this yellowish tint goes unnoticed. There are high priced stones too, which have a lower level of tint, and then a totally ice white coloured moissanite too.

As far as shine is compared, moissanite is a rare quality gemstone which allows more light to play inside, than a diamond, which gives it a better shine and brilliance. That is why, you would notice the shining piece on a jewel easily, and it can quite well replace a diamond as the centre piece in rings and necklaces.

Hardness and maintenance

It’s not easy to scratch on a Moi Moi moissanite. That’s because it’s too hard, and when you compare the hardness with diamond, it comes to 9.25 where diamond has a score of 10. Very few gemstones in the world have this much hardness, and being a tough and scratch resistant stone, this is quite much in demand.

It even resists the accumulation of dirt and grease on it more than a diamond, and hence, the hours of shine are always more, and the stone is always glittery.

Moissanite is resistant to temperature as well, and does not get damaged in high and low temperatures. Hence fluctuation of temperature won’t affect it. That is one reason it got an entry to labs also in various parts of the world as a replacement to diamond in high temperature experiments.


The best part of getting a Moi Moi moissanite is that it’s almost one-fourth the price of a diamond, and if you are okay with getting a lightly tinted original moissanite, then you can get it at almost one-tenth of the price of a diamond, and the same size. The price of a moissanite does not depend on brilliance or colour. Rather it depends on the size and shape, as all the gems are equally brilliant.

As the gemstone is gaining more popularity owning to its stark similarities with a diamond, people are also trying to use it as a replacement for a diamond in wedding and engagement rings, gifting, and other necklaces, and jewellery. The rare stone is now synthetically produced in labs, and its sales are now soaring heights across the globe.

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