That Wonderful Synthetic Product Called Plastic

The utility of plastic has gone far and wide; perhaps in this modern world, there is no area where plastic is not used. You carry your food to the office in the plastic lunch box, you store the food in a plastic box, your office has plastic chairs and the list of utilities of plastic goes on. As a matter of fact, plastic is nothing but polymer. In fact, polymer is called as pure plastic. But, in its original form, polymer would not be of much use. In order to extend the utility of polymer, it is processed appropriately to produce polymer plastic.

Wider Utilities

Plastics are of two types namely thermoplastic and polymer plastic. Among them, plastic processed with polymer has greater utility. This kind plastic is widely used in the medical industry. Apart from this, it is also used in the manufacture of storage bins of a kitchen, footwear and various types of dolls and also in the manufacture of furniture. The other utilities of plastic made of polymer include consumer goods like toothbrushes, automobiles, electronic goods, pipes, bins for storing chemicals and compounds and so on.

With so many utilities, now it would be appropriate to know about the salient features of polymer plastics. These features are briefly explained here:

  • Plastic has various formulations like the Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) which is synthetic resin used in making of pipes and such other products. The other important formulations are Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPE), Thermoplastic rubber (TPR) and Thermoplastic Polyolefins (TPO). Each of these formulations has different industrial applications.
  • Interestingly, plastics with TPE properties effectively blend with plastic with TPO properties. In fact, according to experts, TPE plastic properties make the product oil resistant and also flame retardant. Further, this combination of plastic gives higher flexibility to the product.
  • Normally, polymer plastics company undertakes to produce products as per the specific needs of the clients. The best example of this could be the plastic boxes used for storing tablets and capsules. These boxes are designed as per the exclusive needs of the clients.
  • The diverse utility is one of the salient features of polymer plastic. As already said, this kind of plastic has varied applications in almost every category of industry. Perhaps, you can even go to the extent of saying, there is hardly any product where plastic is not used. This type of versatile application is generally not found in any other synthetic material.
  • According to experts, plastic in all its synthetic formulations is biodegradable. It can be used again and again, and this ‘recyclable’ property has given the plastic an extra lease of life. At least from this angle, it has reasonably reduced the degradation of the environment.
  • The entire process of manufacturing of products made of plastic is considerably cheaper as compared with any other synthetic materials.

According to experts, there is a limit up to which plastic can be recycled. In other words, all types of plastic cannot be recycled. They point out, there are certain limitations to the process of recycling and much has to be done to master this technology of recycling plastic. There is also a small section of scientists who insist that storing edible products in plastic containers is not conducive for health. With its versatile utility, plastic has revolutionized the industrial world. This synthetic product has helped the industries to bring products at a reduced cost.

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